Intheblind Red Woody
Sire: Rt. Ch. Winterset Moonraker
Dam: Intheblind Southern Red
Clear eyes, 100% open gonosocpy drainage angle.  1/5 hips 0/0 elbows. Clear heart certificate

Call Name “Woody”

Woody is a uniquely bred dog, being a cross of some of the best Australian and USA lines.  Woody has 10 generation co-efficient of inbreeding (COI) of 0.00% and 12 generation 0.02%.  This essentially means there is one common ancestor in Woody’s parents in 12 generations.  Woody is unquestionably one of the most genetically diverse golden retriever stud dogs in Australia.  Woody is from very successful bloodlines.   Woody is a very biddable dog.  He is easy to train with an intense desire to please, and be with people.  Woody adores people.  His sole purpose in life is to please his owners.

Woody’s youngest pups are being trained as Assistance dogs and showing great promise.  Woody has genuine working drive.

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Pedigree of ” “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Rt. Ch Winterset Moonraker Grand RT Ch Winterset Moon Shadow CM
Winterset Out O The Blue NRD
Intheblind Southern Red (AI) CT, HRCH, U-OCH Brassfire Give Us A Chance VCD3 RN UDX MH MXJ WCX CCA VCX, OS
Al Mighty Blondie