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Intheblind Field Golden Retrievers

Intheblind Golden Retrievers has imported field bred golden retrievers from some of the most proven hunting and field trial lines in the USA.  Certain dogs have been selected for specific attributes, including sound temperament, working ability, good health and longevity.

We will have puppies from imported semen from American field goldens in 2021.  Please refer to our puppy enquiry page to register your interest.

CT, HRCH, U-UD Brassfire’s Yet Another Chance UDX RE MH MX MXJ WCX ADHF

Photos of the American sire of our next litter – “Chase”.

The field Golden Retriever is certainly one of the most stylish and talented gundog breeds.  These dogs are highly intelligent, with a genuine desire to please their owners.  Field goldens often have higher energy levels than typical show goldens.

Field golden retrievers are pure golden retrievers, bred primarily for their hunting ability, rather than a particular color, coat length, etc.  They are of course the same breed of dog as a show golden retriever, simply bred for a functional purpose.  Field goldens are a product of this purpose.  There are of course field goldens from many different bloodlines and countries.  All golden retrievers originated in Scotland and hence the ancestry of all American field goldens traces here.  Most of the American field goldens seem to have been exported from the UK in the 1950s and 1960s, with AFC Holway Barty a dog found in nearly all American field dogs.

I imported my first field golden retriever into Australia in 2010, with a daughter of AFC Emberain Rugby.  Rugby has proven to be one of the most prepotent sires of field goldens in the USA, along with his brother AFC Emberain Beau Geste.  My girl was purchased in 2008 whilst I resided in the USA.  I have imported semen a further three times to continue and improve the genetics of my dogs.  I look to sires with longevity, genuine working drive, looks and a calm temperament within the household.  I am always selective with the dogs I breed.

Intheblind Kennels is pleased to have litters in 2021 to continue and improve the quality of our dogs and the bloodlines of our kennels.  Future litters are planned from an imported semen from the USA, and also from a Canadian import that resides in New Zealand.  Semen from both dogs resides at our specialist reproductive vet.