Intheblind Field Golden Retrievers

Intheblind Golden Retrievers has pure USA imported field bred golden retrievers from some of the most proven hunting and field trial lines.  Field golden retrievers are often very high drive dogs, and not necessarily suitable for inexperienced dog owners.  My dogs are powerful, high drive dogs, with gentle dispositions towards people.  These are very high energy dogs.

I am a current member of Dogs Victoria and adhere to their Code of Ethics.  All of my field golden retrievers are ANKC registered.  Due to the time and effort involved in breeding these high energy dogs, and looking after my animals (sheep), I will not be breeding puppies often in the future.  The best dog breeders do not breed many dogs, and retain puppies from the litters they breed.

I do have a litter of 9 pups currently from Zomarick Sir Glenfiddich (Import Canada and owned by Lukangold Kennels in New Zealand) and Intheblind Southern Rose.  These pups are all DNA clear by parentage, with both parents hip, elbow, eye and heart tested.  I have many people to call who have contacted me for these pups.  I need to follow up with many enquiries.  This may well be the last litter I breed this year.

Field golden retrievers are utilised internationally in functional roles, including as service and assistance dogs, border patrol dogs for militaries, along with search and rescue and detector dogs roles for government agencies.  The government agencies in Australia need to take note of this, and look to trial and introduce these dogs as a peer to the USA field Labrador currently dominating these functional roles in Australia.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the first field golden retriever breeder in Australia to breed a pure fully imported field line of golden retriever.  I genuinely believe from a functional (working) perspective, my goldens are as well bred as any in this country.  I think this is unequivocal.  My dogs are not bred to a “show” standard and hence are not as heavily boned, with less size and coat.  Beauty is in the eye of beholder.  Certainly my dogs will not do well in any ANKC sanctioned confirmation shows due to their athletic physique!

Most field golden breeders in Australia have show lines to some degree in their ancestry and most are not line bred dogs, meaning a lower COI and likely (statistically), dogs that do not produce as consistently, as a whole, across the litter.  I do have tightly line bred USA field line dogs, and I am always very selective with the dogs I use in my breeding program.

My original field golden was imported in 2010, with further genetic material imported to continue a pure USA field line of dogs.  My first field golden was born in 2008 and is a daughter of AFC Emberain Rugby, and a granddaughter of AFC Rosehill’s Mr Speaker.  I have retained two females (Red and Rose) from breeding born in 2015 from Blondie and Brassfires Give Us a Chance (Trooper).  Trooper was titled as an outstanding sire for the quality progeny he produced.  Trooper has grandkids used as border patrol dogs in Europe.  Trooper was heavily titled, with an incredible working drive.

I bred Rose and Rose to Brassfires Yet Another Chance (Chase) in 2021.  These pups from Red are nearly 12 months old and are of exceptional quality and due for hip and elbow scoring shortly.  I’m eager to see the results from these tests.  These pups were DNA tested at 2 weeks of age.

The pups from Chase to Red (and Rose) were 14% COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding)…. considerably higher than the breed average.  Being tightly bred, these dogs have the genetics to form the basis of a consistent working dog program.  Specifically, they are high drive, selectively bred (line bred on AFC TNT Explosion and 2 sisters to AFC Stanley Steamer).

Brassfires Yet Another Chance is a large field golden, of 24 inches at the withers, with confirmation certification, along with UDX, ADHF and many other titles.  People who have achieved number 1 Golden Retriever in trial competition now have pups from “Chase”.  Chase is still a young dog and will have a decorated stud career.

These goldens deserve to form part of a government agency breeding program simply due to the quality of genetics behind them.  I have put years of study into my dogs and I’m very selective with the dogs I breed from, occasionally rehoming older dogs to quality pet homes.  I look for specific attributes  including sound temperament, working ability, good health and longevity.  The pups I’ve retained from Chase are really full on, high drive dogs… already successfully trialed by some of the best obedience competitors in the USA.  This is all proven.

I believe in being open and transparent with the pedigree and health clearances of my brood stock.  I will rehome dogs that I do not believe are suitable for breeding, due to health clearances or temperament.  Hip and elbow scores cannot be assessed until 12 months, and hence the quality of a dog cannot be determined with certainty as a young puppy.

There are very few field golden retrievers at public stud in Australia.  Therefore, to assist in producing quality field puppies, I often use imported semen for my bitches.  I always utilize the services of Sandown Animal Hospital for the reproductive work on my dogs, due to their professionalism and successful methods.  For my personal experience, they have never failed to achieve pregnancy from imported semen.

I will have dark, pure American field golden retriever puppies for forever homes in February 2022.  All of my brood stock are hip, elbow, heart, eye and DNA tested.  All ANKC breeders of retrievers usually adhere to this standard.  This is the professional standard of which to judge a breeder, amongst other things to consider.  In the USA, health clearances for registered golden retrievers are found on              In Australia, there is no centralised database of health clearances such as the OFA.  This is an area in which the breed needs to improve in Australia…. with more online transparency on the dogs being bred.  One benefit of the USA goldens, is simply the history of all of these dogs can be verified online through an independent website.

Please refer to my puppy inquiry page to register your interest in my litter from Zomarick Sir Glenfiddich (owned by Trudy Hooper of Lukhan Gold Kennels in New Zealand… thank you Trudy) and Intheblind Southern Rose.  This will be Rose’s last litter.  To the people fortunate enough to have pups from Rose and Whiskey; they are lucky.  Rose’s sister Red is booked in for desexing and will not be bred again.  These have been my main two brood bitches.