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I am a current member of Dogs Victoria and adhere to their Code of Ethics.  All of my puppies come with limited registry papers from Dogs Victoria.

All dogs used in my breeding program are hip, elbow, eye, heart and DNA tested.  I will not breed a golden retriever without these tests.  Any responsible breeder of retrievers should adhere to this standard, as most ANKC breeders do.  I aim selective with my brood dogs, and look for a stable temperament, particularly inside.  I also am selective with the hip and elbow scores of any dog used in my breeding program.

There’s often some variation in the puppy coloration across a field golden litter.  In that regard, some pups are exceptionally dark and nearly red, and others are similar to the golden pup in the photo, and some slightly lighter too.  Golden retrievers usually end up their ear color.

These variation in the temperament across all litters of dogs.  Some field goldens will be more active and have more drive than their littermates.  In that regard, some exceptionally high drive field goldens are potentially not the most suitable in all pet homes.  With regular exercise and training, most field goldens are very calm inside and are happy sleeping on a dog bed or couch.

The photos on this page are of a 16 week old male golden retriever puppies from pure American field trial lines, sired from imported semen.  This puppy was sired by Brassfires Yet Another Chance.

I will not have any more puppies available in 2021.

For people interested in puppies, please feel free to submit a questionnaire.  I will contact in you due course and record your details on a waitlist.