Sire of our next litter.  “Chase”                                                                                  Imported semen from “CT, HRCH, U-UD Brassfire’s Yet          Another Chance UDX RE MH MX MXJ WCX ADHF



Intheblind Field Golden Retrievers has puppies planned for 2021.  Puppies will be available for their forever homes in the first half of 2021.  Puppies will be available from imported semen from high quality dark American field bred golden retriever stud dogs.  This will be bred to pure American girls to continue a pure American dark working retriever line.

Please note, when completing the below questionnaire:  All golden retriever breeders receive a high volume of enquiries for puppies.  Please research field golden retrievers as these dogs may not be suitable for your home. Also please endeavor to complete the questionnaire in detail.  It does assist me greatly in finding the ideal homes for my pups.

Puppies are destructive, and require an incredible amount of time, patience and love.

“Chase”, the sire of our current litter is an outstanding golden retriever.  This kennel has imported semen from “Chase” and will have lovely bred working pups from this outstanding working golden in 2021.

“Chase” has been used to track and flush quail, along with retrieve ducks and geese.  “Chase” is also Utility Dog Excellent (UDX), Hunting Retriever Champion (HR CH)  and now Agility Dog Hall of Fame!! All before 5 years of age and more titles too.  “Chase” will complement our well bred American field girls.  “Chase” is a very calm house dog with a wonderful “off” switch.

Thank you to those who have helped our breeding program and for their support and friendship!

These puppies from imported semen will be $7,000 plus GST, being $7,700

To my knowledge this is only the 2nd litter of pure American field goldens bred in Australia.  The first being the bitch “Chase” has been bred to.

Please complete the puppy application form below in detail for further information.  We only sell dogs on limited registry.  Our bloodlines are valuable.  They have taken years of dedication to acquire.  Our first field golden was imported in 2010.

These puppies I believe genuinely have the capacity to be SES search dogs, retrieving trial champions, obedience champions, assistance dogs, detection dogs and wonderful family pets.  They will make outstanding gundogs.

There is a very high demand for golden retrievers.  It is important puppy purchasers research golden retrievers, including the health issues they potentially can have, along with temperament, exercise and their housing requirements.

American field trials are one of the most difficult and challenging dog trials in the world.  Dogs must retrieve 3 items of game with whistle and hand commands, over water, obstacles etc up, each mark often up to 100 meters away, or more.  Our puppies are bred from highly talented American field lines to produce a dog that has genuine desire to retrieve and please.  These are strong, powerful dogs with a loving dispositions.  These dogs closely resemble the original hunting golden retriever developed and bred by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland in the 1800s.  The original golden retriever was first and foremost a hunting dog, rich golden in color, athletic and active.  It was bred first and foremost for it’s hunting ability, as are true quality field golden retrievers bred by responsible breeders today.

We ensure we hip and elbow, heart, eye and DNA test our dogs to ensure those selected for breeding are the most sound, with great temperaments.  This kennel is selective with the dogs it breeds and is always looking to import further genetics into Australia to expand the gene pool, only from the very best stud dogs.

I am very selective with the homes I sell my puppies to.  These are very active, special dogs.  Golden retrievers have a devotion to their owner that is hard to describe.  They have a will to please.  Goldens ideally need to spend hours inside the home with people, otherwise they can become destructive and bored.


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